Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ways Of Knowing

nigglers way of clear-sighted has four wide-ranging elements. The ways of hit the haying are empirics, esthetics, personalized lettered, and ethics. Carpers surmise is bringing every(prenominal) four ways of knowing together in caring for the patients and use in the do process. The four ways of knowing in nursing lot a guide to bringing holistic practice, education, and research. Carpers way of knowing is thought of as both a science and an art. The empirical aspect of the theory is scientific cognition. A previous patient under my care in intensive care had a low special K level from the dawning blood work. The medical staff had already make their rounds for the day. I went everyplace my targets and there were no new orders in regards to jet replacement. I called the mendelevium to make sure they were alert of the results. The bushel accidently looked over the result and then ordered for potassium replacement. The discourse for this patient was the pot assium was replaced from my phone call to the physician and knowledge of the lab result. The aesthetical component of the theory is related to to creativeness. When I worked in homecare I had to be creative at times. On one incidence I remember carry outing intravenous fluids over four hours in the home. The medical equipment company did not roll off an intravenous pole. I employ my creativity and looked byout the home to find something to hang the intravenous fluids on. I used a wire hanger and the curtain rod to administer the fluids. The hitch was the patient success encompassingy received the fluids they needed through my creativity. The personal knowing piece of Carpers theory is what you know from lived experiences. I have been on the side of beingness a patient at home for home infusions. When you are hurtle and have anxiety about your health, someone orgasm into your home, and all the medical equipment delivered can all be overwhelming. be a p atient can be very disagreeable and my hin! drance is to educate my patients,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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